Spooky Cartoons

28 10 2010


Halloween is a mere three days away. Halloween weekend begins in one day. Some of you might even be starting your festivities tonight. (Lucky you.) I know you all can barely contain your excitement. I know I’m having a hard time trying to stay composed. Anyways, today I am bringing you a piece of my childhood. Maybe it will even be your childhood too.

As a child, I had a strange taste in television shows. (Although maybe this wasn’t entirely my fault, since these shows were targeted to my age group.) Some of my favorite cartoon shows were, “Beetlejuice” and “Ghostbusters.” -Both cartoons based off of their movie counterparts. Granted, these Saturday morning cartoons weren’t as scary as their movie versions (or from what I can remember about them), but the movies weren’t so much scary, as much as they were just plain strange.

The “Beetlejuice” cartoon may have been a little better suited for children, by slightly changing its characters’ relationships. For example, in the cartoon, Lydia, a school outcast befriends the ghoulish Beetlejuice. That was not the case in the movie, where Lydia and Beetlejuice are constantly bickering, and disagreeing and generally not getting along. As you can see by the following clips of movie versus cartoon, the relationships between the characters or pretty different. This scene in the movie is one of the most haunting parts int the movie that shows everyone’s disgust for Beetlejuice and how terrible he is. The cartoon’s opening theme shows Lydia enjoying herself around the wacky company of Beetlejuice.


Next, we have another of my favorite cartoon shows, “The Real Ghostbusters.” Like in the “Beetlejuice” cartoon, “The Real Ghostbusters” had to make their show more kid-friendly in order to market to a younger audience. One of the most noticeable ways this was done was by making one of the ghosts, Slimer, a friend to the Ghostbusters crew. (This notion of befriending the enemy  was also done in the movie, “Men In Black” where many of the aliens worked and socialized alongside those out to destroy other aliens.) I find it amusing that Slimer was chosen as the ghost to become an alias. What is about ghosts and massive food consumption that go together? The irony? (A fat, food-eating ghost aptly named, Fatso was also used in the movie/TV-show combo, “Casper.”)

-Compare that movie clip to these photos below. As you can see, Slimer in cartoon form is now, a friendly, sloppy, ghost who likes to be around humans:

Lastly, just to prove that I really have always been a fan of ghosts and cartoons that portray them, I had quite the toy collection based off of these cartoon shows. Below are some pictures of some of the toys I had. Boy, do I miss those care-free days, of running around the house pretending to catch ghosts in my trap and  getting the slimey goo all over everything…


I totally had the Ghostbusters house/station.

Spengler action figure and glow-in-the-dark ghost

Not sure I had all the parts...

Though not a toy, but Ecto Cooler has always been my favorite juice box drink.

Probably still have this Beetlejuice figure somewhere...

His head came off, to reveal a shrunken head that spun!

I probably had more toys, but that’s just an idea of the collection my brother and I had. As you can see, I was quite the fan of these television shows. Funny thing is, I don’t remember when I actually saw the movies they were based upon, but I have a feeling, it wasn’t until after I had already submersed myself in the cartoon shows. Ah, the life of a naïve child. To be a kid again…




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