Creature Feature

27 10 2010


Today’s Halloween Countdown post brings you the best of scary animals. In yesterday’s post, there were some pretty creepy looking humans, but what of animals? As you can see from the above picture of Sam, a former “World’s Ugliest Dog;” animals can get pretty scary looking.

While I’m showing you Sam, here are some other former holders of the title, “World’s Ugliest Dog.” Maybe they aren’t as scary as Sam, above, but they sure aren’t going to win any Beauty Pageants any time soon. Below we have Elwood, Icky, and Rascal:



Just to make sure this post didn’t exclude every other freaky looking animal, I just want to let you know that rest assured, there are more species of ugly animals. Other freakish specimens in the animal kingdom are below. In order, the ugliest and scariest of animals that are for real deal are: the Naked Mole Rat, the Angler Fish, the Helmeted Water Toad, and the Andean Vulture, to name an exotic view…



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