Celebs Are Creepy People Too

26 10 2010


The real Halloween Countdown has begun. A mere five days until my favorite holiday, but an even less three days till Halloween weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s ghost story. Today I’m taking you in a different, though related direction. Instead of tales of ghosts, I am showing you some pictures of ghosts. Or rather, ghastly-looking famous people who look creepy enough (sans special makeup, in their natural state) to be ghosts.

First up is Tilda Swinton, whose name is just as strange as her looks. She’s also the only women I could think of which truly creepy looks. I can’t decide if she looks more like an alien or a a ghost, but she’s pretty pale and whispy:

Next up is one of my favorite actors. When I think of creepy-looking people, Steve Buscemi immediately comes to mind. Back in college, I decorated my dorm for a Halloween party with pictures of him because he’s so creepy. His bugged-out eyes and wavy hair, along with his crooked teeth complete the perfect creepy look:

Someone who I sometimes consider to have similar features (though not as intense as Buscemi’s, because let’s face it; nobody can be like him) is our next celebrity, Christopher Walken. This man is a fabulous actor, dancer, and more, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also join the ranks of the odd-looking stars. Something about his crazy eyes and creepy-old-man face, just don’t seem to match the rest of his body:

Playing off the same “old man creepy” look is our next celebrity. My next pick of Paul Newman is a little sad and ironic, because in his youth and heyday of acting, he was quite a handsome catch. However I consider Paul Newman to be one of the worst aged men. His good looks just couldn’t keep up with him as he grew older, so we were left with this ghost: (For the record, I love Paul Newman. Sorry, buddy! R.I.P.)

Another creepy old man is David Carradine. You may remember him as the guy from the movie, “Kill Bill” in which you were probably thinking to yourself about how creepy looking he was. David Carradine’s face has a good bone structure to make him creepy looking. His long head and beady eyes along with his long, whispy hair make him look almost identical to the creepy host from the show, “Tales From The Crypt.” Just look at the similarities:

Lastly, is maybe one of the creepiest people I could think of. You think I’ve already highly disturbed you for the day? Just wait until you see this last picture. If this last fellow doesn’t give you nightmares, then I don’t know what will. This last celebrity, Phil Spector is famous for a number of things, including the ultimate in scary: killing someone. Yes, we’ve got a true murderer on our hands here. BEWARE!!





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