Texts From Last Week Part 10

25 10 2010

Welcome everyone! Come one, come all, to the greatest show of texts in the blogosphere. Last week turned out to be a disaster on the Metro rails for me. Major Metro fails always leave me with a plenty of time to text myself whatever is going on with the situation at hand. Last week was also a week for multiple dates and last-minute plans. Hoorah. Let’s get started shall we?


” ‘It’s really loud where you are. Are you at a bar?’ – Matt (Way to assume I’d be at a bar. Though granted,  he was right.)”

“Wow. Second time I’ve been to Buffalo Billiards for a date and the guy is super late. Maybe I should stop suggesting this place…”

“What the heck. I go to a sports bar in DC and they aren’t showing the Caps game. Then, I go to the bar (actually two different ones) and both times the bartender ignores me. Ugh.”

“I don’t understand that if a train is being off-loaded, why would the train in front of it be held stopped? Maybe for scheduling reasons, to keep the trains all evenly timed.  But through a domino-effect, that would mean that all trains would thus be stopped, and that just doesn’t make any sense. So why delay passengers in front of the problem at hand? They are beyond the situation.”

“I found this amusing: I was in the bathroom at work putting on eyeliner, while there was a mother exclaiming how she was trying to wipe marker off her child’s face. Funny how at one age you’re trying to avoid marking up your face, while at another age, you are purposefully putting marks onto your face.”

“The thing is, using the excuse, ‘I’m running late because my train offloaded’ multiple times in one week, isn’t even that preposterous, if you remember that this is the never-fail-to-always-fail DC Metro.”



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