A Ghost Story

25 10 2010


Today’s Halloween countdown post is a scary story I have to share with you all. This is actually a true story. The events in this story occurred to my friend and I when we lived together in college. This story takes place the fall of 2004. It was a truly horrific and unfortunately memorable happening. So let’s all gather ’round the campfire and listen to this tale…

It was my first summer vacation in college and as it was coming to a woeful end, I was starting to get ready to go back to school. I was packing up my belongings, and mapping out how I would fit everything into my family’s minivan (Loser Cruiser). One of the larger things I was bringing back to my dorm room was a mini-fridge I had used the year before. From what I heard, as my brother and his friend were taking the fridge from a closet, the fridge’s door came open. Out came a stench like a rotting animal. The frigde was quickly cleaned and packed into the car. We all just assumed that would be the end of the stench, but that was just the beginning…

When I got to school, I unpacked my belongings and put my mini-fridge in the corner of my suite’s common room, which I shared with my roommate. When I got around to putting food and drink in my fridge, I opened up the small door and was once again greeted with the smell of rotting animals. I quickly devised a plan to scour the fridge with every cleaning supply I could find. I had to rid this cursed fridge of whatever happened to be rotting in it over the summer.

The stench was so great that it wafted into my floor’s hallway and even into my building’s stairwell. I spent a few days cleaning the fridge, but nothing seemed to work. It seemed that whatever died in my fridge was not keen on my trying to get rid of its remains. It was as if a pungent ghost of whatever had died, had taken up residence in my fridge.

The one thing I have learned from this is that you should never bother a ghost. If you irritate the after-life, you better be prepared for worse things to come. At the time, I had no idea that more bad news would be coming in my future. But I did know that I wouldn’t be able to stand the fumes for much longer. So I just closed the fridge door, and shared my roommate’s mini-fridge for a while.

After some time of having an empty fridge that I had to constantly warn people not to open, my roommate and I grew curious. Maybe the stench had left. Maybe I should just buck up and use my fridge anyways. So on a day very close to Halloween, I decided to revisit my ghastly problem. I wasn’t afraid of no ghosts. I could handle this. It would be fine. I got my roommate to be there with me as back-up in case I couldn’t handle the stench and passed out. We gathered together, held our noses, and I very carefully pried open the door I had previously taped closed…

.    .    .    .    .    .

Ever since that vision my roommate and I shared, we kept the fridge on a watchful lock-down. As a caution to anyone who came into our room, I taped a warning sign to the front of my fridge:

Since I didn’t have the right equipment or state of mind to deal with whatever had manifested itself in my fridge, my roommate and I chose just not to deal with it. From that day onwards, that fridge got stored away in a locked up closet in my parents’ house. It wasn’t until this year that the mini-fridge was taken out of hiding. This year my little brother took it to his dorm for his freshman year of college. Hopefully that spirit has moved on, but you never know. Ghosts can be so unpredictable…




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