Owen Wilson Can’t Get Enough of D.C.

22 10 2010

Owen Wilson can’t seem to get enough of Washington, D.C. these days, and that’s fine with me. As I have stated recently, Owen Wilson has been in a number of movies in the fabulous city of D.C. in the last few years. Recent news has it that Owen has been spotted in the city dining and just hanging out. I think Owen should just get a chic condo in the city already.

On Monday, Owen was spotted in Penn Quarter eating dinner with a lady friend at Oyamel. And this just in- yesterday he was also seen going past Mixtec in Adams Morgan on a folding bike. (How very environmental of you, Mr. Wilson!) Being as how his latest D.C. flick, “How Do You Know” isn’t to be released until mid-December (so maybe he’d be back in D.C. for a premier party?), it seems a bit odd that he’s chilling in D.C., as opposed to his hometown of Los Angeles.

Since I’m a big fan of Owen Wilson and his movies, these recent sightings intrigue me. What brings him to D.C? Maybe he’s starting a political career like another favorite actor of mine did, Kal Penn. Or maybe he’s here to stay because quite frankly, he’s realizing that D.C. is a cool place to be. So when is he going to buy a place here already?




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