Day of the Dead

22 10 2010


Many may be familiar with Mexico’s version of Halloween, “The Days of the Dead” (or in Spanish, “Dias de los Muertos.” This holiday, which is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd, has an interesting background which you can read about here. This holiday is based on a ritual that Mexicans have been practicing for more than 3,000 years (Wow.) that involves honoring the dead in a festive manner. The Mexican holiday has merged Catholicism and the Aztec civilization and has a heavy emphasis on skulls. Interestingly, when the Spaniards came to Mexico the native Mexicans were not afraid of death. “To them, life was a dream and only in death did they become truly awake.” Thus, The Day of the Dead shows a creative side to Mexicans.


Sugar skulls such as these elaborate ones are a common treat during the Day of the Dead.


So what can we take from that little history lesson? That, among many things, Mexicans are creative and artistic and awesome. Just take a look at these fine examples of a modern-day approach to the popular holiday:


Vans shoes celebrate the Day of the Dead.



Nike gets creative with three styles.


Check out a detail of the above shoes in white here and in black here. If you can tell, the purple dot patterns make up skulls and such which is pretty original. Plus, check out the ridiculously awesome sole of the shoes:


Score 10 points to Nike.



Another Day of the Dead shoe from Nike.


Moving on from shoes, there are some other pretty neat Day of the Dead themed things out there. Take the next few pictures…


Check out the detail on this motorcycle helmet.



I just can't get enough of this take on packaging design.


That packaging is for sugar cane, a popular ingredient to the traditional festivities. More of the clever designs can be found here.


This great skull mask was cleverly turned into a neat lampshade decoration.






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