Halloween Costume vs. Fall Weather

21 10 2010


Well folks, it’s that time of year. The time of year I know everyone has been waiting for. Or in this case, the anticipation of waiting. I’ll spell it out for you: today starts the fabulous 10 Day Countdown to Halloween 2010! You might remember last year’s CAPSLove Countdown brought many a great Halloween-related post, so this year I aim to do the same, if not better. Here we go for the first order of Halloween business…

So my new favorite season of Fall, has its ups and downs. We are introduced to a beautiful color palette of changing leaves as well as the delicious autumnal flavors like apples, pumpkin, squash, and comforting spices like nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. However, fall is a tricky season when it comes to the weather and dressing appropriately. One day it’s sunny and warm, while the next could be windy and cold.

I have found this to be especially important to take note of for the (first) epic holiday of Halloween. The weather could greatly change your costume. I have far too many memories as a child of dressing up in my costume, only to have it tarnished by my parents insisting I throw a jacket on over top so as not to catch a cold. This was such a kill-joy. So, over time I realized I had to get creative and incorporate a jacket into my costume.



Nobody wants to get caught looking like Donnie Darko here, with a lame sweatshirt over a skeleton costume.


I thought I was problem-free and had covered all the bases for having a perfect Halloween costume, until I got older and discovered the “adult alternative” to my days of yore of trick-or-treating: parties. Apparently as adults, we party indoors at homes or bars, so a jacket became as unneeded and too-warm layer.

The trick here, is to figure out a few things. First, are you going to a party? If so, how crowded will it be?  Will you be bar-hopping? How long do you think you’ll be outside for? How long can you last being outside with the possibility of being cold? How long can you go with the possibility of being too hat from wearing a jacket in a crowded, indoors setting? Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Would it be too much of a nuisance to hold/carry your jacket if need be?

These numerous questions will provide you with some valuable information on how you should properly dress for Halloween. Maybe you will suffer for fashion’s sake. Maybe you’re planning on long and crazy night, and want to be as comfortable as possible. Whatever you do, now is the perfect time to start planning. And good luck with your costume!




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