Adventures In Vermouth

20 10 2010

Yesterday I drank Vermouth. Straight. It might have even been my first time consuming the liquor in any manner. Yes, I’ve had a martini before, but it may have been made with Vodka (since it wasn’t served to me with an olive garnish, and rather a lime peel garnish which I was pretty disappointed about). I have heard that Vermouth is pretty sweet, but a classic martini doesn’t quite strike me as having any sweetness to it, so I was curious to taste what Vermouth really was like.

My accomplice was there to set things straight. He told me that he’s often drank Vermouth straight, because it’s just that good.  So we started with sweet vermouth. The bartender gave us a crazy look when we asked for a shot of the stuff. We were given a shot glass of a caramel colored liquor. It smelled a little like rye (as in rye bread). I’ve heard of Rye Whisky, but this wasn’t it. I took a sip. It wasn’t bad. And yes, it was pretty sweet. I took a gulp. I could imagine drinking this straight, but maybe not for long.

Next up, I was told to try dry Vermouth. This was actually my accomplice’s drink of choice at times. Again, the bartender looked at us like we were crazy, but obliged to our strange request. This shot glass contained a liquor that was clear but slightly yellowish in color. It had a similar smell, but upon tasting it, I realized that this had a smoother taste. It was still sweet, but I could imagine this being mixed with drinks more easily.

After my brief introduction of sampling the two types of Vermouth, I feel more knowledgeable about not only types of liquor, but also mixed drinks. It’s like, now I want to go out and order drinks with Vermouth in them, just to see how this liquor mixes well. I find it interesting to discover new types of alcohol -in a controlled setting, of course. It’s a fun way to broaden one’s tasting palette and horizons.




2 responses

25 10 2010

Try mixing a dry Vermouth with a sweet. Equal parts. It’s pretty amazing.

25 10 2010

Awesome, thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try that.

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