Texts From Last Week Part 9

18 10 2010

This weekend provided a few classic gems for this week’s edition of TFLW. My family and I went to visit my little brother at college for Family Weekend for his freshman year. Other than texts from this weekend, the past week didn’t really provide with many memorable tidbits. True, there was the “Transformers 3” filming going on to keep my occupied, but my hands were pretty much glued to my camera, and not my phone. Anyways, let’s see what last week churned out for us…


“You can always tell whether someone is a Washingtonian by the pace of their walk. Brisk or direct vs. wandering and leisurely. Also how to determine whether one is a (not-too-obvious) tourist.”

“Wow. I never [tend to] give money to homeless people or people asking  for money, let alone talk to them, but I just game $5 to a guy raising money for Iraq vets to play wheelchair basketball. We also had a very nice conversation about the Caps and how he wants to go to a game and that he’s a big OV fan. Aww. But with my best friend currently serving in Iraq, that means something to me. Plus, wheelchair basketball is cool!”

“There’s a violinist at the Friendship Heights metro and he’s playing a song that sounds like something from Mario 64!”

slightly relevant and more than slightly awesome.

“Doofus” (-referring to a name that a Lehigh professor is called by his two and a half year old kid. It was pretty memorable because it seemed pretty accurate.)

” ‘If you drink, you’ll get wasted.’ -a Lehigh parent’s story about what his kid alledgedly told him about a Lehigh party. (I LOLed)”

“It’s not the size of the college (you go to), it’s how you use it.”

“I don’t think it’s the trains, I think the stop might be cursed or something. It really seems like 80% of the time a train attempts to leave the Van Ness stop, there are serious problems with the train doors [being able to properly close].”




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