Texts From Last Week Part 8

11 10 2010

Well, nobody offered any new names for this series, and that’s ok with me, so we’re keeping the possibly too long current title of, “Texts From Last Week.” I’ve got a lot of juicy gems to report from last week so I’m glad to bring you more texts for your viewing pleasure. I’ve already heard from some fans of TFLW which is cool. So enough with all this hanky-panky and let’s get to it!


“My office building smells like movie theater buttered popcorn and it is amazing.”

“Ewwww totally almost stepped on a dead mouse on the sidewalk. Combine that with the cockroach that was on my leg this morning at work and I had one gross, creepy crawly day.”


Turns out my friends may believe this is a rat, not a mouse.


“I think I like telling people, “I need a drink” more than I actually like drinking- due to a stressful situation. Don’t get me wrong; I love to drink, but I am always afraid that telling people that I NEED a drink will lead them to believe that I am an alcoholic, which is not the case.”

“There’s a super good looking guy standing next to me on the Metro and the face of his watch has a picture of a frog prince on it. Is that a sign?”

” ‘I’m gonna keep pushing till I get in- all the way.’ No, this is not another That’s What She Said joke, this is about the jerks who ride the Metro who don’t find it necessary to swiftly enter a train. You know, there are most likely always people rushing in behind you. Always move like there is someone behind you. Thanks.”

“I am eating tator tots with ketchup and I have all this extra ketchup on my plate. I kinda just want a spoon to finish up my ketchup. Yummm.”

“Jar-Jar Binks has a speech impediment and THAT’S why so many people hate him. Wow. That’s really mean.”

Comfortably Numb is my new anthem for work. How sad.”





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