New Faces in the Caps

8 10 2010

Well, the day has finally arrived and after a too-long off-season, hockey season is back! I know, I know, you are all very excited for this time of the season. And what better way to start off the Caps’ 2010-2011 season with the Penguins’ first loss (to the Flyers) last night. I bet that sure put the Caps’ community in a good mood. Caps fans: We’re Back!

So class, everyone take your seat. I know you may recognize many of your friends from last year (so glad Gordo, Stecks, Greener, Laich, and K-Nubs are back, among others), but I want to introduce you to some of the new faces in the classroom you may not be familiar with. Joining us this year are Matt HendricksMarcus Johansson, and DJ King.

To give you a brief introduction, I will tell you a few things about each new face. First we have Matt Hendricks (#26). Matt, a 29 year old, is a true-blooded American, born in Minnesota. Hendricks comes to us from the Colorado Avalanche. Everyone, please say hello to Matt:


Hello Matt.


The next new face with us this year, is Marcus Johansson (#90). Marcus is a young’un at 20 years old. This Swede seems to be the shortest on the team at 5’11” and also looks to be the lightest weighing fellow too. He also seems to be quite the pretty boy. Please say hello to Marcus:

Hello Marcus.

Our last, but not least new face in this year’s roster is DJ King (#17). DJ, a 26 year old, hails from Saskatchewan and at 6’3″ is also one of the taller guys in the club. That’s a good thing, since DJ is being touted as the class’ new enforcer, so everyone, play nice. DJ joins us from the St. Louis Blues. Please give DJ a warm welcome:


Hello DJ.


Ok everyone, that’s it for the new faces joining us. I expect you all to make Matt, Marcus, and DJ feel welcome and right at home. I’m sure there will be more new guys joining us later in the year, so I am hoping you all will get a long just fine.

And now, let’s go Caps!




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8 10 2010
Katie Stansbery


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