Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh

7 10 2010

Today I am wearing a black and yellow scarf. It’s one of my favorite scarves, but my co-worker from Pittsburgh commented on what he called my pro-Pittsburgh fashion sense. No way. I would never support Pittsburgh’s sports teams, which all use the colors black and gold. I had to quickly come  up with a comeback.


my scarf


I shot back that black and gold are actually my college’s school colors. It’s true. I went to school in Baltimore and the Baltimore state flag is black and gold:

I thought about it. Why was it that Pittsburgh’s sports teams were black and gold? The Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins all shared the color scheme. I proposed that maybe Baltimore’s teams (Ravens, Orioles, and Blast?) should be the appropriate teams to have these colors. My co-worker thinks that that would make Baltimore pro-Pittsburgh, but he’s just wrong.

Granted, I do really like the Ravens’ black and purple colors and the Orioles’ black and orange colors. But I wonder why Baltimore’s teams didn’t originally go with their flag’s colors. Apparently Pittsburgh’s city flag is also black and gold, but incorporates other colors too. Maybe this is what started the two cities’ long (sports teams) rivals. Hmm…




One response

5 09 2015

Actually, the answer is that simple, Black and Gold are colors on the flag of Pittsburgh. In addition the Steelers as a team joined the NFL in 1933, whereas Baltimore joined in 1996. The founder of the Ravens, Art Modell, has noted that he was inspired by the Northwestern Wildcats 1995 Dream Season colors for those of the Ravens.

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