Halloween Treats

6 10 2010

Halloween is in less than a month: an official 25 days away. Everyone who’s anyone knows that Halloween=candy and candy=awesome, thus making Halloween=awesome. In order to satiate your taste buds for this ghoulishly delicious time of year, I have found a couple of appetizing holiday treats.

First off is a fabulous candy. Everyone should be familiar with the candy that lives for Easter; Peeps. And I’m pretty sure everyone likes Chocolate. So what happens when you take chocolate mousse and combine it with Peeps? This amazing creation:

Speaking of marshmallow, the next treat is for those of you who like your marshmallow in your candy, without actually tasting it. Apparently, marshmallow is an ingredient in the Halloween candy that people know all too well: candy corn. If you’re like me, and you love candy corn, you’ll like this recipe for a literal, Candy Corn Cake:

The recipe from The Food Network, is pretty creative. It has you place pieces of candy corn, tip first, into an oval-shaped cake covered in frosting. The yellow bottoms of the candy corn give the look of real corn kernels. This is what sweet corn really tastes like!

In addition to these delicious treats, there are probably hundreds of other creepy and creative recipes and products out there in internet-world. I am sorry if Halloween’s not your bag, but it’s my favorite holiday ever, so be on the look-out for more amazing Halloween posts to come!



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