Awesome New Video

6 10 2010

A few months ago I wrote about my friend’s cool hip hop group called, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. I introduced y’all to their ultra-catchy Orabrush music video which garnered much deserved attention in YouTube world. My friend, Big Spoon and his accomplice, Neva (pronounced, Nee-Va) have recently created another most epic music video.

This video is quickly getting many views online, which can only mean one thing: it’s good. The video is the documentation of a bike jump into a pond. A bunch of people get some great air and even do flips and tricks as they careen from the bike into the water. It’s definitely along the lines of the TV show, Jackass (though more tame) and could be filed under the “do not try this at home” category, although these fine folks have.

The music is a cool, hip tune, which has some complex layers of sound. If you listen to the funky lyrics, you’ll discover gems like my favorite,

“We came to blow this party up like yellow cake.”

The song’s upbeat rapping is a nice compliment to the video. There’s an electronic feel to the song. The music combines smooth vocals with a rockin’ bass line, and rhythmic keyboards.

So anyways, the video is great. It was shot by a few different people and cameras and the editing is spot-on. The video combines sound from the bike jump and sub-sequential water splashes with the music. Normally, extra noises bother me when I just want to listen to the music in a music video, but the extra sounds don’t really bother me here. Plus, you are able to download the song for free, so you can also have the song minus the video’s sounds. This music video is quickly getting viewed by the thousands, and even got up on the well known website, College Humor. Enjoy:




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