Fire Drill

5 10 2010

There was just a fire drill for my office building. Being on the first floor means that you have the apparent “luxury” of getting out of the building first, only to have to be standing outside in the cold weather for a longer amount of time, than those stragglers who work up on the top floors and who must take the stairs all the way down. Not only am I standing in the cold for a while, but I am in plain view of my office building. This is more of an issue than one would apparently think. This brings me to the discussion of fire drill rules.

For most of the establishments I have worked or gone to school at, the proper place to escort yourself in the case of a fire drill, always seems to be across the street from whatever building you are in. Why is acceptable to stand only across the street from a building during a fire drill? Wouldn’t that not be a far enough away distance to escape to? What about potential danger from say, a fire, explosion, or a shooter? I’m pretty sure being just across the street is not going to be a safe enough place to gather.

I don’t even feel very “safe” being just a block away. Though it’s not like I can just walk further away. That would mean leaving your group of classmates/co-workers, and in the case of a fire (drill) you must all stay together. That’s understandable, sure, but do you want the whole cluster of people to be in a potentially unsafe location together? I doubt it.

Not a sermon, just a thought.




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