Wingin’ It At We, The Pizza

1 10 2010

This past Wednesday I found myself once again in the possibly-hip D.C. neighborhood of Capitol Hill. While true, there are only a handful of places I tend to hang out at along Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, I don’t complain. One of those now already familiar places I find myself keep returning to is Spike’s newest food joint, We, The Pizza. I have written about this spot before, praising its home-made sodas and pizza, but as a chicken wing fan, I had been wanting to try theirs.

Their menu nicknames the wings, “We, Izings” so if you aren’t familiar with the “We” new lingo, you could miss it. We, The Pizza has three flavors of sauce for their wings, and I was drawn to their  spicy option, “La Bomba.” The description says, “Spicy and Sweet Free Range Chicken Wings.” It doesn’t explain much, but I figure it had to be good, since I have yet to try food from this former Top Chef contestant I do not like.

Since I had some time to kill, I got the dish to eat in the restaurant and the seven wings were served to me in a large, wide white bowl. I’m not accustomed to eating wings from a bowl, but they were drenched in sauce, so I quickly understood the choice in serving piece. I was excited for my taste buds to be challenged to a spicy flavor, but instead they were met with more of a sweet flavor. While the wings were not nearly as spicy as I’m used to eating, I still couldn’t tear myself away from them.

My only criticism was that the name, “La Bomba” may have been a little misleading. I had figured that this dish would carry as much heat as a bomb, which was not the case. Another thought could be that the sauce’s flavor could have a Latin kick, like the song by the same name, but instead the flavor was more than anything like the sweet and spicy duck sauce at a Chinese restaurant. Like I said, not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. Also, these wings were literally drenched in sauce. I probably used four or five napkins on this dish, trying to keep the sticky sauce confined to my mouth, fingers, and dish.

All in all, the dish was filling, the chicken was tasty, and the sauce was… plentiful.  If anything, the dish made me more interested in trying the two other flavors of wings there. I have also heard that the sandwiches are pretty good at We, The Pizza. Normally, I feel like a major loser if I go to a pizza place and order a sandwich (it’s like getting a salad at a burger joint), but Spike has never failed me in the past.




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