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30 09 2010

Happy Thursday. To some of you. Not me, apparently. No, instead I get slapped with a last minute project that had to have been done today, but my boss failed to dole out the project to anyone in a timely manner. Thanks a lot. This is totally me:

Well, I had asked the client -just to make sure- if all the information I needed was present for me to complete this las minute project. I was informed that yes, everything I needed was given to me. My manager hands me the information. I sift through it. Apparently it is not the simple project I was assuming it would be. (Why I thought that, I don’t know.) I email the client who is probably already out of the office, and while I wait for the response, I blare the following song into my headphones:

But I realize, you have already all seen this video, since it was on my Song of the Week page not too long ago. So I will show you the “Official” Version of the video. No, that last one was actually put online while this newer one was being made:

I know many of you will not appreciate the newer, “better” version of the video. It’s pretty great that typography wins over acting, but then again, that’s why graphic designers are so awesome. Nonetheless, to kill some of your time, and because a lot of work probably went into creating this video, here is a behind the scenes look at The Making Of this video:

But alas, I realize that work makes everyone’s life difficult, and while you (like me) would probably LOVE to blast this ultra-catchy tune for your office to jam along to, you just can’t bring yourself to play such a NSFW song. No, it’s just not professional. But do you know what is? This ultra-awesome, instrumental-turned-video game music stylized version:

By this point, I guess most of you are wondering where this post is/was going. It’s a valid thing to be questioning. But like I reminded you in the beginning, I have been awarded a last-minute assignment to do. So what’s the point of this post? This is the point:




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1 10 2010

The world would be a better place if all music were released as 8-bit MIDI background tracks for NES games.

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