Costume Ideas

28 09 2010

Today’s post is about Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. I know a lot of you out there are asking why I am writing about Halloween when it isn’t even October yet. That is a fair point to make… if you don’t know what fun is.

As some of you might remember, I have been planning my Halloween costume since before last Halloween. But I realize that many of you don’t put as much thought into your costume. While there are the ever-clever, last minute (aka: lame) costume ideas, I thought I could be of some service to those of you who would like to have an actual, pretty great costume this Halloween 2010. Even though I already had an idea for this year (and even a back-up idea or two), that sure doesn’t mean I am not still interested in other fabulous costume ideas. So below are a few of the better and more entertaining websites I have seen recently to help you choose a costume for yourself.

The first website might not actually be of much help to you unless you are a dog. If you own a dog, this site could also be useful for the upcoming holiday. Otherwise, if you are like me and like dogs (and Hipsters) then the site, Hipster Puppies is for you…

If you are not a dog or a Hipster, then the next site may be more relevant to you. I was originally directed to this site through this awesome costume idea. (As a Graphic Designer, I am all for turning logos into costumes, and especially if they are from an awesome movie such as that one.) Anyways, the website, WTF Costumes is a great site for costumes both complicated and simple, and for both genders. This website introduced a new concept in costumery to me: apparently you can turn any costume into a Zombie version of it. Take these examples:

If you insist on not putting any or much thought into your costume, but are sick of going as the same thing every year, the Costume Idea Zone might be right for you. This site encourages you to use what you already own and not to go out and spend all of your money on a one-time outfit. (Words of wisdom, I say!) While this site doesn’t have much in terms of pictures or a catchy layout, I do have to give it props for this super current and pretty funny costume idea:

Katy Perry and Elmo:
Wear shoulder-length curly brown hair, false eyelashes, red lipstick and a summer dress that shows a little cleavage. Carry a stuffed Elmo doll. Or, for a couple, he can wear an Elmo costume.

The original inspiration

If you’re a big Lady Gaga fan and didn’t get a chance to dress as her last Halloween (or you want to out-do your Gaga costume from last year) there is a website for you too. To dress as the woman who prides herself on being one-of-a-kind, ironically, her costumes are being mass produced just for you! At Clever Costume’s website, they have a whole category devoted to Lady Gaga. (Sorry, there is no meat dress there.)

Some of Gaga's more "tame" outfits

Well, I think those are enough costume ideas to get your mind churning. Hopefully this post will be helpful to you. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year you will be inspired to come up with a new and awesome costume. Let’s only hope so.




3 responses

28 09 2010

Thanks for the ideas and links! I’m debating going as Mario.

29 09 2010

You’re welcome. Sounds like it could be a good costume. PS- the Hipster Puppies made me think of you!

27 10 2012
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