Texts From Last Week Part 6

27 09 2010

Texts From Last Week has grown to become my newest favorite series that CAPSLove now offers. It is entertaining every week and you never know what will be posted. Will it be texts about frequent Metro craziness? Open-ended discussions about love? Or random occurrences worth noting? It’s always something new and (at least in my mind) worth reading, which is why, I deeply regret this week’s edition. Without further ado…


“F*K! I had written so many amazing texts to myself this past week. It was going to be a fabulous blog post i was looking forward to writing, but apparently Drafts (or any texts for that matter) don’t save to your phone’s SIM card, because when I changed to a new, replacement working phone last night, all of my texts were not there. Ugh.”




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