Epic Sandwich

24 09 2010

I made a pretty amazing sandwich for lunch today. I have this thought that if Graphic Design doesn’t work out for me and I can’t get a job in radio or something I find equally fun, I should own a sandwich shop. I’m always coming up with new, delicious sandwich recipes and I love to improvise when creating a sandwich.

Today’s masterpiece was just that. It started as a turkey sandwich. The bread I had to use was a granola bread with raisins in it. As my little brother once said, sometimes unprecedented food combinations can be made with the simple concept of, “sweet and savory.” I took that thinking to the next level today with the notion of, “sweet and spicy.”


  • 2 slices of raisin granola bread
  • a few slices of turkey (I think I used smoked turkey breast)
  • 1 slice pepper jack cheese
  • hummus (I used “Supremely Spicy” flavored hummus)
  • honey mustard
  • a few dashed (1 teaspoon?) of ginger
  • a dash or two (1/2 teaspoon?) of nutmeg -the “wild card” ingredient

I started off by spreading the hummus on one piece of bread. I didn’t want to spread it too thin, so I used a good amount. Even if you couldn’t taste the spiciness any more, the hummus makes for a good adhesive base for the dryer ingredients. Next, I sprinkled the ginger on top. I have found that ginger sprinkled on turkey sandwiches (especially with sweeter accompanying bread) adds a nice layer of flavor that has a kick, but doesn’t push you too hard. Next up was the turkey, followed by the cheese. Since I wasn’t ready to end the sandwich right there, I squirted on some honey mustard to play off the sweetness of the bread I used. Plus, now I had another adhesive layer to add one more ingredient. But what would it be? I rummaged through my (somewhat limited) collection of condiments. Did I want to add more spice with some red pepper flakes (something I add to my sandwiches quite often), or did I want to go a different route? I considered cinnamon, but didn’t want this sandwich to be too sweet, so I opted for what I consider to be cinnamon’s less sweet but just as delicious cousin, nutmeg. I considered this to be an ingredient that would either make this new recipe a hit or miss. I sprinkled a bit, making sure not to cover the sandwich with what can be an overwhelming flavor. Then came the second piece of bread on top to finish it all off.

Something to remember with the sandwiches I make, is that I take them to work, meaning I’m not going to be eating them right away. So these recipes I make need staying power when I leave them in the fridge for hours. Well, this sandwich, a some five hours later, tasted great. It was just the right amount of sweet with savory. There was some spice and kick to the sandwich, to even out the flavors too. All in all, I’d call it pretty successful. Maybe next time, I might choose to add some spinach leaves to add some non-brown color and crunch, but otherwise it was pretty fantastic.




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