Pricey Tickets

22 09 2010

In today’s Express paper, I read a bit about how “Airplane giant Boeing just announced that it plans to start sending tourists into orbit by as soon as the end of 2015.” Wow. Your regular Joe could get the opportunity of a lifetime to travel into space? That’s pretty neat, until you learn of this week-long trip’s cost per person: $40 million. Is that a reasonable price? I’m still on the fence about this. I mean, it is putting an ordinary shmo into space. The article in the paper thinks this price is a little much, by concluding, “This is one experience of a lifetime that still isn’t worth a lifetime of debt.”

It would probably not be advised to put a dragon into space...

Good point, I suppose. It made me reflect on how much I would be willing to spend for say, a concert ticket. For example, today I walked over to the box office at the Verizon Center to buy a few tickets to see Roger Waters do The Wall Live. I love Pink Floyd and I love, “The Wall” (both the album and the movie) and was willing to pay for the “cheapest” tickets (still a boatload at around $60). That’s a pretty steep price, but I figured it would be worth it. Plus, with older rock legends, it’s like if you don’t see them now, you may not get another chance. However I was informed upon getting to the box office, that the only tickets available were pretty close seats on the lower level for $253. I politely walked away.

Even $253 was too steep a price for me. However, the most money I have ever spent on a concert was around $100. It was mainly to see one of my favorite musicians, Jack Johnson. Granted, the $100 also let me see a number of bands/musicians, as it was the VirginFest. (Yes, it was the last year they decided to charge the public to see the plethora of musicians, vendors, sponsors, shows, and various other arts and entertainment.) While $100 was a pretty high price, I still felt it was worth the experience.

So, ok, I have put up a decent amount of money for entertainment. However, I won’t let myself pay more than $50 for a sports game. This is especially difficult to do when my favorite team, the Caps have been playing so well and selling out of tickets like a baby goes through diapers (i.e: pretty quickly). So my question is, am I a pretty average paying customer when it comes to ticket prices? Who really does pay $253 to see a concert?



2 responses

24 09 2010

The most I ever paid to see a concert was $11,000.

Okay, that wasn’t a concert. That was a car.

24 09 2010

ok that doesn’t count.

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