The Haircut Saga II

21 09 2010

Yesterday I was pretty unhappy with my haircut from over the weekend. I was having such a drab hair day.  I went back to the barber shop, knowing they would fix up my hair for free. (Is it sad that I’ve had to get my hair “re-done” so often that I know that I won’t be charged for the second visit?)

Anyways, as usual, I felt embarrassed as I shyly explained that I was in yesterday, but my cut wasn’t short enough. You know how we’re told that you should never treat those poorly who prepare your food? Anyways, I’m pretty sure the same goes for those who work in hygiene and personal appearance. It’s not that I’m complaining, but I’m pretty sure my end result was shorter than what I asked for. I told yesterday’s haircutter I wanted an inch more off. I’m pretty sure that about half-way through the re-cut, I was done. However, I bet those employees figured if they left it on the less-short side, it wouldn’t be good enough to me, so she kept cutting. Like I said, I’m ok with my new ‘do. It’s about this length:




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