Texts From Last Week Part 5

20 09 2010

Whoo Boy, let’s get crackin’ with some mighty fine texts from my phone! As I’m going through last week’s gems, it seems like the were all pretty much written within the first couple of days of the week and then it just sort of fizzles out. Many of these texts were related to transportation of some sort. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise since that’s really when I write most of these. Anyways, let’s see what I had up my sleeve last week…


“Wow Metro. Way to F-ing LIE to  me. Ok so the Next Train sign up by the turnstiles say there is a train boarding and the next one’s in 2 mins. But when I get down to the platform, the sign there says the next train isn’t for 4 mins. What gives? Had I known, i would have bulldozed my way through the crowds of Slow Walkers.”

“I just got honked at and waved to (along with 3 other ladies) by a trash truck. Weird.”

“I almost didn’t make a phone call because I didn’t want to stop humming a song to myself.”

“I’m on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 7th and it totally smells like Pot. Woah.”

“It’s not what I was looking for, but it could  be what I wanted.”

“A guy was watching, Sin City on the Metro morning commute. Nothing like a bit of the old, ultra-violence to start off your day.”




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