20 09 2010

Yesterday I finally got around to getting my hair cut. Part of me wasn’t ready, as I was kind of seeing how long I could grow my hair until I got fed up with it. The other part of me was ready for a change, and my parents were paying, so I had that going for me. My family and I were all going to get our hair cut at the local, hometown standard barber shop in Bethesda. I have been there before, and have had some good and some bad cuts.

The unfortunate latest trend for me there is that I have gotten a mediocre cut, but not being totally satisfied, I have gone back the next day to get the look fixed up. It’s a pain to go through, but usually the second time around, I feel better about my look. I keep going back to this place however, because my parents lure me in by offering to pay for me.

Yesterday was no exception, unfortunately. I was feeling ambivalent about getting my hair cut, and I didn’t have a good picture to show the hair cutter of what I wanted. One time a few years ago, I got the best hair cut ever at this place, and ever since, I have tried to get them to recreate the look. So yesterday I printed out a picture of that cut. Unfortunately my printer didn’t have much ink and the image didn’t really look workable. So I sorted through the magazines that were laying around the shop. I found a relatively nice picture of Katy Perry that looked similar to this:

I gave the picture to the lady who would cut my hair and said I wanted something similar to this, but just above my shoulders, not like the chin-length in the photo. And then I sat down and awaited my hair cutting destiny…

When the lady was done with my hair, she handed me my glasses (which I had to take off for the cut) and showed me her work. It looked fine, but it wasn’t as short as I had wanted. In my past visits to the shop, when I was shown the final product and I wanted a bit more cut off, it would be done and I would be another satisfied customer, no problem. So when I asked the hairdresser if she could please cut off another inch to and inch and a half, I figured she would. But instead I got an attitude. I was told, that what she gave me was what the picture was (for the record, she only briefly glanced at the picture) and that, “no,” she was not going to change what she had done. Apparently in her mind, the customer is not right. My cut ended up looking similar to this:

Like I said, not short enough.

So now, what do I do? Do I go back like in past visits, and ask them to please just cut an additional inch or so off? While that can be pretty embarrassing, at least they don’t tend to charge for a touch-up, which is a major plus. Another option would be to go to another place, like a salon, where the quality (and price) is higher. I could go all out and get my hair styled and colored and everything. That could be fun. I could also, just not do anything more and just deal. The cut, while isn’t as short or different as I was hoping it would be, isn’t bad. It does work and looks fine. I could just work with it and wait a few months until it grows out and I’m ready for my next hair cut. Of course I have finally learned my lesson this time and I will not be returning to the barber shop anymore.



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