Super Bowl Needs New Name

17 09 2010

Football is lacking in the department of having good and appropriate names for important tournaments. They are referred to as “bowls.” The Orange Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Super Bowl. The Super Bowl? What kind of lame name is that? I assume that these tournaments are called bowls, because of the bowl-shape of the coliseum-arena that the sport takes place in, but honestly this name needs to be replaced. It sounds like a name that a kindergardener came up with.

A Super Bowl

Other final championship games have better names, such as hockey’s, “Stanley Cup” named for the trophy, basketball’s simple, “The Finals,” or even baseball’s, “World Series,” which although isn’t really of the world, at least sounds official, and they make a good use of the word, Series. I think football should follow in hockey’s footsteps and re-name their final game after their prized champion ring. A new name like, “Championship Ring” or something with just as good a ring to it (pun intended), would be a better name.




2 responses

17 09 2010

I do agree that the Super Bowl isn’t the best name. Championship ring would be a step backwards in my opinion. Super Bowl as tradition that with it. Changing it now would do more harm then good in my eyes.

17 09 2010

Ok, well the more I think about it, Championship Ring sounds more apt for wrestling or something, but I still think that Super Bowl sounds kind of juvenile.

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