Kit Kat To The Rescue

16 09 2010

Man, I could really go for a Kit Kat Bar.

The advertising campaign that Kit Kat puts out is somewhat lame, but it does seem to be effective. Want proof?

I just got to work. I was ready to hunker down and get some work done, and I am greeted to my co-worker yelling the word, “YES!” into her phone out of frustration with an automated voice mail box. This is not how I was planning on starting my Thursday. No thanks. So I did what I always do when my co-worker is annoying (somewhat often); I walked out of the office into the lobby. I took a breather. I thought I was fine, but of course upon returning to my office I hear my co-worker go off again on the phone.

You know what would apparently be a great solution right about now? Some chocolate. Some crunchy, sweet, chocolate that I can break in my hands and hear the bar crack between my fingers. Maybe Kit Kat bars are such a great reliever of stress, because of that satisfying crunch they make when you break the pieces apart and when you eat it.

And I guess the makers of the Kit Kat know this too, because there are quite a lot of commercials for the Kit Kat bar. Creative ones, too. Check out this commercial, which is almost like a mini-movie of proportions:

Along the same lines of advertising to the working office crowd, Kit Kat has released its latest commercial, which uses simple every day noises as the notes in it’s famous jingle:

Kit Kat has shown us that a) Kit Kat is a stress reliever b) the most stressed are the mundane office workers, and c) the crunch of the chocolate bar is a satisfying and important aspect of this product. With that being said, Kit Kat wouldn’t want to exclude all those non-office-dwelling, cubicle workers from enjoying their product, so in an older version of their commercial, they wanted to show that all walks of life could and do enjoy the delicious Kit Kat bar:




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29 10 2010
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