Metro Famous For Failing

15 09 2010

I know it’s not news to anyone, but you’d think that the D.C. would get the hint that its underground mass transit is a constant problem and is always causing headaches, late arrivals, and worse. Frequent Metro riders don’t even seem phased now, when there is a broken escalator, elevator, track work, and overcrowding. Bring this up to a non-local or a tourist and they look at you in disgust and shock. But us Washingtonians have (unfortunately) figured out that this happens to be the norm these days.

There are even a number of media outlets that recognize how much of a failure this system of transportation has become. Take one of my favorite websites that chronicles the non-workings of the Metro: Unsuck DC Metro. This blog gathers people’s stories from various train stoppages, awful passengers, and other general frustrating instances that come from riding the Metro.

And now, the latest chronicle of the Metro failing, comes from YouTube Star and Comedian extraordinaire, Remy, from his site, You may be familiar with his videos such as The Washington Capitals: The Hockey Song and Arlington: The Rap. Well, he has a new video up on the web, and this fabulous rap chronicles many of the nuisances and annoyances of the Metro. Enjoy!




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