Dignity. Always Dignity.

14 09 2010

I admit, I really don’t think of myself as the most dignified and classy woman, especially while competing in flipcup matches Thursday nights at McFaddens for Kickball. But alas, I still think it could be neat to be thought of as a sophisticated, dignified lady, such as these dandy examples:

But it seems I may have already “soiled” that possibility. That’s fine, but this is what I’m getting at. I think I may be the kind of person to play the “Kiss And Tell” game. It’s not even that I like to share my personal business with everyone, but when it comes to the dating world, I never know what to do. It seems like only a logical idea to explain my “dating habits and thoughts” to my friends for their opinion. The Kiss and Tell thing only happens out of concern and care towards the relationship. In this way, I feel like it is ok that I go and share my personal business with others. Granted, I won’t just share my private life with anyone, mind you, but my news does seem to spread throughout my circle of friends.

It’s not just the notion of Kiss And Tell that prevents me from being so Sweet And Dandy. I can probably list a number of other non-exemplary behavior I exhibit, but um, I won’t get into that. Let’s just say, that while I wish I could live my life by the motto, “Dignity. Always Dignity,” I’m pretty sure that I would be using the quote in a similar way to how it is used in the following clip. And you know what? Maybe I’m ok with that…




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