Texts From Last Week Part 4

13 09 2010

So last week’s edition of TFLW (for short) was lacking in the number of texts I had sent myself about things going on in my head. So this past week, never fear, has provided me with many more texts for your reading pleasure. Hooray. Let’s see…


“I got into a staring contest with a seeing-eye-dog on the metro this morning. I won both rounds we played. Apparently dogs blink more frequently than humans do.”

“I think the man sitting in front of me on the metro is masturbating. He’s shaking especially from his right side- definitely looks like he’s doing some motion with his right arm and now he stops every now and then- probs so as not to get caught. Oh, and he keeps looking down. Uhhh. He just got off the train and looked back at his seat. ?!??”

“Oh my Gawd there’s a SYMS in Twinbrook. I have so many memories as a kid of playing in the clothes racks there while my mom shopped.”

“It’s not that I’m playing Hard To Get, it’s just that i’m not playing hard. And he seems to not be playing at all. Hrmm.”

“Unless it was through kickball, i have never met the friends of a guy i’ve dated. Weird.”

“One of my friends told me that not everyone flirts. I find this hard to believe. You’ve got to somehow communicate that you are interested in someone as  more than “just” a friend. I don’t care how you do it, but as demonstrated by the movie I saw last night, “Hitch,” people do actually flirt, maybe  even without knowing it. You just can’t go from friends to intercourse. And I’m not just speaking about humans. Animals and plants? participate in what we call courtship. And yes, call it what you will: flirting, courting, but it’s just a natural progression in the dating world. If you like someone enough, you will just flirt to achieve what you want.”

Haha, this is so disturbing, and thank goodness I am not a camel.




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