Too Cute For Words

10 09 2010

Today’s post is about all things cute. Sometimes when I’m bored or depressed, I turn to Google and do an image search for the word, “puppy” or “kittens” because really, there is nothing more cute than baby animals. But instead of sharing some adorable photos, I am bringing you some real live baby animals….in videos. Let’s proceed, shall we?

The first video is something I found on my friend’s boyfriend’s site, and is something I have been circulating amongst my friends. It needs to be re-posted on my blog because it’s the best thing since sliced bread:

Next up, is the ultra-adorable music video for Weezer’s great hit, “Island In The Sun.” The video was directed by the master Spike Jonze who has also directed videos for Fatboy Slim, coincidentally enough.

Oh wait. I think I have to include an image. Here’s a brief break from videos to bring you this baby Aye-aye. It’s possibly cute and definitely weird:

Apparently this post is kitten-heavy, so here is a puppy video. (Also, because puppies are obvs better than kittens.)




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