Similar Looking Logos

9 09 2010

When I was down South in the land of Dixie (aka: Alabama) this past weekend, I noticed another similar logo issue to that of the Washington Nationals/Walgreens’ W logo.

As I found out, Alabama is really into football. College football to be exact. Everywhere I looked, I saw the University of Alabama logo in support of their football team and the school:

The “A” logo looked so similar to another well known Southern sports team. Growing up a fan of the Orioles, I was all too familiar with one of the team’s foes, the Atlanta Braves. This team also has a scripted “A” logo which my friend and I noted looked eerily similar:

Ok, well now that I looked at the two A-named teams’ logos side by side, I can better see the subtle differences in these two logos, but they are very similar. Plus, both teams’ color is red, and they are both located in the South. There aren’t many well known places in the South with names that begin with, “A” too, so this just helps to confuse the two logos even more.

At least though, the Alabama and Atlanta logos are more different from each other than other logos. This can’t be said for the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Bears…

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Bears

Those two logos are totally the same. Thankfully they use different colors, but that’s really about it. One of my friends has the Chicago Bears “C” tattooed on them and I thought it was the Cincinnati Reds “C.” Really. These two logos are the same. So weird.




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