Lady Gaga Does Something Unoriginal

8 09 2010

Lady Gaga’s latest “OMG what is she wearing” moment shows us a meat-clad Gaga on the cover of (Japan’s?) Vogue magazine. Many people have been reportedly disgusted over such an “outfit,” including many a PETA supporter. But when I first saw this image and heard about the cover, it did not seem like something that new…

Frankly, this has been done before. Sorry, Gaga, but for once you are not original. Gasp! I know, it’s shocking that this Lady known for shocking costumes could wear something that the world has already seen before. True, what came to mind happened some 50 years ago, but nonetheless, The Beatles did it first:

This rare album cover by The Beatles was controversial for its comic use of baby parts and slabs of meat. Not long after this album cover was released, was it shamed and out came another, more PC album cover.

In both of these cases it was a major pop icon involved in such a controversy. And both of these instances involved a strange affinity for meat. I’m not quite sure what these musicians’ inspirations were, but it was effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention. Either way, if Lady Gaga thinks she’s shocking the public, then sure, she’s right on. But if she thinks she’s doing something outlandishly unique, she should think again.




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