Clouds Are Disappointing

8 09 2010

Clouds can be so disappointing. They look all fluffy and cotton-like, but when you’re up in the air flying in an airplane and you go right through them, you realize that all of your science teachers are right: clouds are just air. Clouds are basically poofs of air that you can see. It’s sad that even in imaginative instances like the commonly pictured Heaven:

or other clouds in which we are believed that can hold human weight, such as these various instances in popular video games; that it’s all just make-believe and hopeful ideas.

But in reality, the unfortunate truth, is that we can not actually perch atop a cloud. As we see when flying in a plane, aircraft are able to effortlessly travel straight through a cloud.

It’s just kind of a bummer that once again science wins over imagination. Sorry kids, even with things like a jet pack, astronaut gear, or wings, you just can not stand or sit on a cloud. Instead, you’ll just fall right through the air.




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