The BBQ Food Groups

7 09 2010

While on my trip this past weekend to Tennessee and Alabama, I was able to sample many fabulous dishes of Southern cooking. I had a great time eating on the trip, especially since I have a weakness for all things barbeque. In my mind, there are four food groups in the land of BBQ: Brisket, Pulled Pork, Chicken, and Ribs, and I was fortunate to venture to each of these areas on the BBQ map.

I started my food trip off at the famous Nashville honky-tonk eatery, Jack’s. The menu their boasts many barbeque favorites and mouth-watering sides. For lunch and my first meal of my trip, I ordered a brisket sandwich with baked beans and baked cinnamon apples. Yum.

Check out their jingle here!

After delving into the Brisket food group, my next stop was to Rippy’s on Broadway just across the street from Jack’s. I went there for dinner and got a Pulled Pork sandwich again, with baked beans and some corn cakes. I also tried a beer that is brewed in Nashville, called, Yazoo. (I got the Pale Ale which was ok, but nothing special.) At Rippy’s, there was a live band, something that the Honky Tonks along Broadway are known for.

Something I noticed about eating barbeque in Nashville was that while the meats were indeed flavorful, your meats are not served with the BBQ sauce already soaking into the meat. At least in the places I ate at, patrons are encouraged to douse food in BBQ sauce yourself. While this would be ideal for people looking for not much sauce on their, food, for others like me and my friend who sought to drench our food in the delicious BBQ goodness, this deemed to be a nuisance. Also, the BBQ sauces offered, didn’t seem to be spicy enough. Even the “Hot” sauce at Rippy’s barely registered on our East Coast palates. My friend and I found that we had to keep re-applying BBQ sauce to our sandwiches for each bite. We must have looked crazy to the locals!

The next day in Alabama, the folks I was staying with all went to a chain restaurant called, Texas Roadhouse. I ate BBQ chicken there which was delicious and covered in smokey, goopey BBQ sauce. While I seemed out of place ordering chicken at a place that specialized in steak, I had no complaints. My BBQ chicken was flavorful and delicious.

My last BBQ Food group to cover was Ribs. On a drive from Alabama back to Nashville, My friend and I stopped at a Ruby Tuesday’s. To finish off my trip and also my BBQ journey, I got the barbeque Baby Back Ribs. Even though we were eating at another chain, something about the combination of the awesome Southern accents, the cute guy who was our waiter, and the fact that we were eating in the land of Dixie made my ribs especially yummy.

All in all, I would say the trip was a success, and not just in the BBQ department!




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