Musical Marriages

2 09 2010

Ok, I just noticed a strange trend. In all to most of my favorite musicals, there is a wedding. And in that wedding scene is one of my favorite songs of the show. It is also interesting to note that the tones of songs in each movie are notably different.

Two immediate examples come to mind. A couple of my favorite musicals are, “Fiddler on the Roof” and, “Oklahoma!” But the songs that are sung during each musical’s wedding scene are completely different. Let me demonstrate. First, we have the song, “Sunrise Sunset,” from “Fiddler on the Roof.”

This is a slow, beautiful song that has very deep religious overtones. The song is sung by the wedding party and the crowd, not the actual couple, which contrasts with the next example. This part in the show is very focused on religion and community and the very tight-knit society that the characters live in.  And while the song seems to be somber, there is also a lovely, feeling of starting anew.

The next song is the title song from the musical, “Oklahoma!”

Now, this song is close to the total opposite of the previous song. While it takes place at a wedding, it is not actually about the wedding, as “Sunrise, Sunset” is.  This song celebrates, not the featured couple, but rather the place they live in. It is a joyous tune to celebrate all that is good in their lives and the land they live in.

There are only a few other musicals that incorporate weddings, such as “Mamma Mia” and, “Threepenny Opera.” I find it interesting that not many musicals come to mind though, that include weddings. Maybe it’s a big ordeal to include it in a production. Maybe some find it an instant story-ender. Whatever the case may be though, when weddings are included in a musical, it seems that I will like the music used for that occasion.




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