Sick Day

31 08 2010

I feel like I never take time off of work if I am sick. The last sick day I had was last winter when I had the Swine Flu. (Boy, was that fun.) And here, I find myself again, taking a day off due to being sick. Granted, today is nothing compared to the perils of the Swine Flu; it’s just an ordinary cold.

But it’s my body’s timing in getting ill that’s the real kicker. Technically since I’m not dying and it isn’t serious, I could have gone to work today. But with my adventurous trip to Nashville (and the newest development: Alabama) in T-3 days, I really need to be healthy ASAP. Plus, I was recently told that this trip would involve driving to Alabama to see my friend’s brother’s family. That family involves a baby, and a sick guest coming to stay, probably wouldn’t be the most welcoming thought.

So, I find myself in bed, with many tissues at hand and a humidifier at my side. Movies? Ok. Retro cartoons on Cartoon Network during the day? Sure. Lots of tea and honey? Yes, please. I don’t like being sick just like the next person, but I need to get better pretty quick, so I have to do what I must. Stupid body. Next time you want to get sick, try for some better timing!




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