Texts From Last Week Part 2

30 08 2010

Last week I started off with this magnificent new series I am starting in CAPSLove. So today I am bringing you the next edition of it. I include a memorable Metro moment, a conclusion about a popular actor and even some drinking related quotes, because, who doesn’t like those? All right. Let’s get it started:

I just witnessed a teen-20something guy on the Metro with a large-ish diamond stud earring and a biker hat and scraggly Addidas shoes ask, “May I join you?” to a lady sitting at a window seat with an empty isle seat next to her. How polite!

I feel like Seann William Scott is a mix between a Bro and a girl.

At 9pm on a Thursday in August, I have reached Flip Cup Zen.

“When you’re drunk, ‘N’s’ look like ‘C’s’.” -an overheard statement during Kickball.




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