Salty And Brown

27 08 2010

Today I took an extra long lunch break. I really needed it. I’ve been dealing with insane customers all week and with the combination of the beautiful weather we’ve been having all week plus the fact that I didn’t bring any lunch to work today, I just had to get out.

So I headed up 7th Street to Chinatown to see what I call the “neighborhood food court” would offer me for lunch. I was thinking something healthy like Chop’t or filling like CalTor, but then I realized that the food I was craving was really some good ol’ comfort food. I don’t think I realized it till I sat down to eat what I had ordered, but I think I have realized that my comfort food is Chinese food. Lo Mein, to be specific.

No, it doesn’t always look appetizing, with it’s slimy noodles in salty brown sauce. It’s not even always garnished with bits of green broccoli as in the above picture. Usually (as with my lunch today), it’s just a mess of brown food. Salty and brown might be the two best words to describe Lo Mein. And yet, I love it.




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