An Unusual Pet

26 08 2010

Ok everyone. To get maximum enjoyment out of today’s post, it requires some audience participation and the use of a prop.

Ok class, please proceed to your most convenient Express newspaper vending machine. If you have to walk outside, I’ll wait. Besides, last I checked, it was super nice out, and if this blog post can get you outdoors to enjoy the beautiful (and abnormally pleasant for a typical August) weather in D.C. then I’m ok with that.

Ok, is everyone back? Let’s proceed. Please open your paper to page 14. As you will notice, you are looking at a page of the Classifieds. I would like to direct everyone’s attention to the “Pets” category on the lower right part of the page. If you will, read down to the seventh advertisement placed in this category. Do you notice that something seems a bit …odd? Was this ad in a misplaced section?

As my co-worker noted, “What are you supposed to feed it?” I responded, “Clothes?”

I might venture to say that this is the “Cake Wrecks” of Classifieds.

So everyone, now you too, can go out and show your friends of this amusing mistake in today’s paper!




2 responses

3 09 2010

this might be the best post you’ve ever done. I nearly fell out of my chair.

16 09 2010

And to think, all I did was bring something to your attention of something that already existed.

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