Texts From Last Week

24 08 2010

Last week a few noteworthy things happened to me. And while these events were occurring (or shortly thereafter) I felt a need to blog about them. However, without a blackberry or any connection to the internet readily available I had to resort to more creative options. Usually I have a pen and some paper on me, and can write my thought down there, to transfer them to my blog later. But I was unfortunately left without those simple resources. So I decided to text myself my thoughts of the moment. Think of this post like the popular and ever-amusing website, Texts From Last Night.

I’ve got three for you. In chronological order they are:

If you off-load a very crowded train at a somewhat popular stop and it’s rush hour, and already crowded trains continue to come to the somewhat popular stop and let people off at a consistent rush hour rate of crowding, then what happens to the people who have been waiting at the stop from the initial off-loaded train? Are they ever able to get on another train? Or does the constant ebb of people keep them on the platform forever?

– – – – – –

Now that i think about it, there isn’t a single guy in my kickball division who i wouldn’t date. (maybe 1 or 2) but i would venture to say that i would be open to dating maybe 98% if the guys- based solely on looks.

– – – – – –

My new dating mantra might as well be the song, “It’s In His Kiss.” Because really, if there’s no initial attraction on the first date or even (as with online dating) if there is no flirting while talking online before meeting; you seriously can not tell if the guy REALLY likes you (or even if you are interested, if you are ambivalent) untill he goes “in for the kill” and kisses you. Because what with nervousness and everything, just because you two work dandy as friends, doesn’t mean you work well as more, And the song is so right, because a kiss really, truly shows you who that person is in relation to who you are and if the two of you can gel well.




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