We, The Italian Sodas

23 08 2010

This past Saturday my family and I took a trip to (my BFF and former Top Cheftestant) Spike’s newest pizza joint, We, The Pizza. It was my little brother’s last day in D.C. before heading off to college (wow) and he’s a huge fan of Spike and had yet to venture to We, The Pizza. My family ordered five different slices of pizza and five different Italian sodas.

Our taste buds ordered for us. The pizza slices ordered: Sausage & Peppers, Salami, Forest Shroomin, Spinach & Artichoke, and Buffalo Chicken. I had already tried the Sausage and Peppers and the Spinach and Artichoke (maybe my favorite), but the Buffalo Chicken pizza was amazing. That pie had the perfect balance of spicy buffalo sauce with cool cheese. It was a mouth-watering combination. The mushroom pie was also a tasty slice. By using fancier truffle mushrooms, the flavor was smokier and fuller. And unlike most mushroom pizzas where you’ll get a handful of mushroom slices, at We, The Pizza, they cover their pizza with the shrooms. The salami was similar to ordering pepperoni, but the meat was sliced in bigger rounds and it was a neat substitution. Like last time, the sausage and peppers was a great choice. Even my dad, who refused to try the peppers, assuming they’d be hot, was persuaded to try it. (No, the peppers aren’t spicy, and yes, he enjoyed it.)

And then came the Italian Sodas:

The Lineup

From left to right, we gulped down the “Good Morning Vietnam Coffee Soda,” “Co, Co, Nut Soda,” “I’ve Got Orange Crush On You,” “Ubet Manhattan Egg Cream,” and last but not least, “Don’t Forget Your Ginger Roots Soda.” Or, in short, coffee, coconut, orange, chocolate egg cream, and ginger. The menu boasts an impressive 12 options total, each only a mere $3. (What a deal!) I also hear that We, The Pizza prides itself of the Italian Soda-making process which, like the pizzas, customers can oversee its creation process. From what I know, the components include flavor shots, the soda, and whatever other fresh ingredients that infiltrate the mix.

An employee working the soda fountain.

Of the sodas we ordered, my favorite may have been my choice, the ginger or the chocolate egg cream, which reminded me of classic chocolate sodas from Jewish delis in places like New York City. My mom ordered the coconut but was a tad disappointed that it wasn’t sweeter. I noted that the flavor was much more like that of a real coconut, not like the sugary, artificial coconut flavoring that more people are used to. The orange soda tasted much like a Stewart’s Orange ‘n Cream soda or a Creamsicle. The coffee soda was a rejuvenating alternative to a standard iced coffee.

After only eating at We, The Pizza twice, I still have yet to try the other menu items. I am especially looking forward to sampling the wings and the gelato. I feel like ordering a sandwich there could be a cop-out option, though I hear they are still pretty amazing. I mean, let’s be honest; could Spike really make food poorly? In his own restaurant? I sure doubt it.




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2 10 2010
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