Rain Rain Go Away

18 08 2010

It’s raining outside. It’s been raining a lot lately. The past two Thursdays have rained out my division’s kickball games. There’s more rain predicted in the forecast. There has been numerous rainstorms recently. Trees have fallen, there has been flash flooding, power has gone out for thousands of people on numerous occasions. And most of all, people have been freaking out!!!

But seriously, you guys all need to calm down. It’s just water. I’m pretty sure you won’t melt. It’s not as “bad” as when this happened. But in all reality, it’s not even that bad. Think about it. we have been having a few heavy thunderstorms, right? Ok. But we haven’t had a tsunami, or a hurricane and I’m pretty sure lives have not been lost. We lost more lives during the heat wave, than during the rain. And it’s the beginning of tornado season out in the midwest, so I’m pretty sure in contrast, we have it pretty easy.




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20 08 2010

Good points, but four people were killed in the first big storm: http://www.whsv.com/weather/headlines/99240544.html.

20 08 2010

Ok, fair enough, but those isolated incidents still do not compare to mass deaths like you would typically get with a hurricane. Yes, deaths are still deaths, and numbers don’t matter when people are dying, but as with the case of the man in the Chesapeake Bay in the storm? That’s just being dumb.

20 08 2010

Yeah, he was dumb, but the mother of two who had a tree fall on her minivan wasn’t.

20 08 2010

Whatever. You aren’t advised to drive in severe storms like that anyways.

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