$100 For 4 Inches of Foam?

12 08 2010

Yesterday I went on a trip/”shoe-venture” to DSW with some friends. It was my second trip to the Pentagon City location in two weeks, so I guess you could say I was solidifying my “female” status as the stereotypical shoe-crazy lady:

Anyways, I keep seeing ads for these new “Shape-Ups” shoes that while they look super ugly, they are supposed to help you “shape up” and tone your muscles and lose weight. The Sketchers company apparently believes that you will either ignore the complete bizarre and unattractive shoe design in favor of the “wonders it will work” or you will think that all the hip kids are wearing these “rad” new designs [NO], and want to get your pair now!

The Sketchers company has declared that this beneficial footwear should cost you a whopping $100. Somehow I think this is totally uncalled for. Let’s face it. It’s a sneaker with four inches of curved foam on the bottom. Anyone could make that. Granted, the shoe style I tried on yesterday was dubbed, Rockin’ Out because it was sparkly. Yes, apparently sparkles = rockin’ out. The sparkly shoe was fun to look at, but definitely not worth $100. Speaking of, “Rockin’ Out,” some of the other color options had equally funny names, like another favorite of mine, “Action Packed!” I guess they must pack all that action into the foam bottom.

Anyways, on to my review of the shoe, which is probably why you’re still reading. I hate to admit it, but I really liked these shoes! They were just really fun to walk in. The cushiony bottom made every step feel like you were walking on the moon (whatever that feels like).  One of my friends commented about how they felt a lot like wearing Moon Shoes:

Unlike with Moon Shoes, wearing a helmet while wearing Shape-Ups isn't needed.

I walked around in the Rockin’ Shape-Ups for a while, noting that the curved bottom also leads to a see-saw like feeling when you walk. This is something to note, because since these shoes do not have a flat surface, you might trip. I admit, I almost fell over at one point, while testing out how much rocking I could get away with while standing up. After walking around in the Shape-Ups for a while, I wasn’t really convinced that the shoes did much to tone your muscles. True, my legs felt a little tired, but my friends and I chalked that up to the shear fact that simply, the extra foam packs on a lot of weight. So in fact, it sure seems like you’re just lifting weights with your feet when you walk. Either way, the shoes were fun to walk around in. If the shoes weren’t a) so hideous and b) so expensive, I might even consider buying myself a pair. I may not be convinced that they really tone your muscles and help you lose weight, but a fun sneaker to walk in, works for me! (Besides, I’m pretty sure this other fun sneaker doesn’t come in adult sizes.)




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