The Swine Is For The Dogs

11 08 2010

Everyone! You can now take those silly face masks off. It is finally time to come out of hiding. You can now feel free to interact with anyone you please. There is now no more fear in the world. Everything is back to the way it once was… before the Swine Flu, that is.

The cutest image I've seen to come out of the Pandemic.

Yes, it’s true. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared that beginning today, August 10th, the H1N1 virus has moved into the “post-pandemic period.” The pandemic is finally over! WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan has agreed with experts that the flu has “largely run its course.” The death toll, originally predicted to be in the millions, ended in under “just” 19,000 last week.

While tens of thousands of deaths related to the deadly flu is being called much less than anticipated, it is still a huge amount of people whose lives have ended because of this disease. I think when the pandemic was in full swing a season or two ago, many of us, may have thought to be invincible to the disease. Of course we know that is not true, but I think a lot of us just assumed that just a paranoid use of hand sanitizer would help us through the pandemic. While I’m not saying that that helps, it’s amazing to think that so many people were affected by a strand of the flu.

So let’s all celebrate the monumental end to the H1N1 virus! The Human Race has overcome yet another threat to society. Hopefully there will not be a reprise of this disease anytime in the future (or ever).




One response

13 08 2010
Bryan Metzger

19,000 that’s still a lot of fucking people, i don’t want to die.

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