Zen and the Art of Flip Cup

9 08 2010

I have noticed lately that there are some people who just seem to get the hang of the drinking game of Flip Cup. I feel like there are a few misconceptions associated with this game of skills, that I wanted to clear up. True, I do not claim to be THE Flip Cup champion, but I have played many a game and observed many games, so I feel educated and experienced enough to give legitimate advice and information.

Anyways, let’s start off with the basics. When playing Flip Cup, some argue that they play best when not completely trashed. This can be good advice, because if you can’t stand up or are able to see straight, your game will not be well-played. While I advise to be loose in mind and body, you should still be able to have spot-on hand-eye coordination. Now, some of you may think that it is near impossible to have a mastered sense of hand-eye coordination, while under the influence of alcohol, but I guarantee that it can be done. It is to note however, that I do not recommend playing this game sober, since it will be easier to loosen up with some alcohol in your system. [Do not drink to point of losing control, but it is suggested to maintain more than just a buzz.]

I have discovered that while some may think this sounds crazy, especially in a game of high intensity and much pressure, the secret to playing Flip Cup with ease is to be relaxed and in “the zone.” Think of this game as a test for your mind. Flip Cup is much like any competitive, physical sport, wherein a competitor is more likely to perform better, if their mind is clear, and they are completely focused on… nothing. That’s right. One should completely empty their mind and learn how to be in a state of relaxation. Believe me. When you’ve had a few beers, this is easier than it sounds.

Once you have mastered the state of relaxation, you can then move on to practice your game. I always advise to take some deep breaths if you get stuck, to bring you back to your Zen-like state of mind. At this point, you should practice simple, agile movements with your fingers. Simple reflexes. Maybe you want to try some simple up-and-forward finger “exercises,” but remember to stay relaxed. When you feel comfortable in your “zone” try flipping a cup upside-down from the edge of a table. If you are truly in a relaxed Zen zone, this should come at ease.

An important thing to remember here is that no matter how much you practice Flip Cup on your own, it will not compare to the “heat of the moment” that comes in a competitive, intense game.

However, what I want to teach here is that just because you are playing with other people in a loud and crazy setting that may threaten to bring you off your balance, you must remember to stay relaxed and with a clear mind. This, my friend, is the secret to mastering Flip Cup. Your state of relaxation must be so great that you can simply block out any distracting noises or movements. You should simply be able to settle into your zone and just plain flip.

Your mind should be thinking nothing and your fingers should be thinking only the correct way to movement in order to flip your cup. Put your mind in your finger(s). Don’t focus on the cup, focus on your movements. Hone in to your movements. Pay close attention to what happens starting in your wrists, moving down through your hand, to your fingers, and ending at the sensation where your fingertips meet the cup’s bottom edge.

Feel the flip. Breathe the flip. Remember the flip. Repeat. And most of all, don’t forget to savor and enjoy the flip.

In no time, you should notice that you can fully master the art of Flip Cup while being both stress-free and simply put, awesome. Happy Flipping!





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9 08 2010

Oh I have a flip cup video for you!

10 08 2010

i’m intrigued! what is it?

11 08 2010

A few more tips:

-It’s useful to steady with one hand and flip with the other. One-handed flips are usually a disaster.
-I always recommend getting a “feel” of the cup by flipping it a couple of times before you start. Once you can get three in a row, you’re ready to start playing.
-Some cups need to be “rolled” more than flipped. High flips can be risky (though some people manage to pull them off with finesse).
-Don’t put more beer in your cup than you can drink in one gulp. Chugging before a flip wastes precious time and can make your team hate you. If you want to get drunker, get a “side drink” and chug that between turns.
-I find a good way to loosen up is to dance to the music during a game, but to each their own.

11 08 2010

The worst sins one can commit when playing flip cup are indeed putting too much beer in your cup, thus taking too long to drink and (one of my pet peeves) high flips. A lot of people think that the more elaborate and “risky” looking their flip is, the more successful it will turn out. High flips, aside from being unruly, also take longer and the cup has a greater chance of not staying in your confined space, thus possibly falling to the floor. This is hazardous, unsanitary, and just plain troublesome.

30 08 2010
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30 12 2010
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6 03 2016

I have never thought of concentration and relaxation techniques when it comes to flip cup. It could actually work, until the alcohol kicks in.

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