Cool Sneaks!

5 08 2010

Sometimes my internet wandering takes me to old favorite sites that I have visited in procrastination adventures past. Today’s re-visited website to cure my boredom is the Converse Shoes website. I don’t waste my time looking at everything on this site. I go to the most important and recognizable digs: the Chuck Taylors.

I’ve loved and owned these shoes since middle school. I get this feeling that the folks over at Converse know the exact feeling when a kid’s first pair of Chucks will make them feel like the coolest kid on the block. Aside from Converse’s strong and rich history as being the “rebellious” sneakers or the “artsy, indie” shoes of choice, I also really like Converse for their creativity in coming up with fresh and fun ideas for their shoe line. Take these for example:

All Star Dr. Seuss ($60)

These might be my favorite in Converse’s newest line of Dr. Seuss inspired shoes. It’s cute how the simple, white shoe is turned into a cartoony shoe with the drawn lines to show a well-worn shoe. The playful striped shoelace adds the final touch of magic and really reminds you of Dr. Seuss’ well known Cat In The Hat character.

All Star Geo Swirl ($60)

These shoes are fantastic. They totally remind me of this mind-blowing print by Op Art master, Bridget Riley (or really, any work by Bridget Riley). I would totally consider buying these shoes if a) they didn’t cost so much and b) I wouldn’t be so deathly afraid of getting them dirty, thus possibly ruining the art on the shoe. Also to note- the gray shoelaces are a nice, subtle touch. They look good as an alternative to the standard white lace.

All Star The Clash ($40)

There are quite a number of shoes that Converse has designed for fans of the british punk band, The Clash, but these immediately caught my eye with their subtle yet awesome design. I’m not much of a fan for all-white sneakers, but the “London Calling” text on the rubber strip on the bottom, is quite unique. Plus, how great is it that the text colors and font resemble the text on The Clash’s album cover for this hit song.

All Star Animals Kids 1-3.5 yrs. ($15) Clown Fish

Ok, how cute are these kids shoes? They look just a like a clown fish. (Finding Nemo, anyone?) The eyes painted on the toe of the shoes are adorable and I love the added touch of sewing on little fins to the sides. The color is fun and bright, and the orange shoelace is an added bonus of delight. Plus, these suckers are a more reasonable price. (Probably because the shoes are smaller.) On a related note:

All Star Animals kids 1-3.5 yrs. ($15) Shark

It’s a SHARK!  Why do the kids get all the cute shoes? Ha. I like the menacing-yet-not-terrifying eyes that are painted on the sides on these shoes. The sewn on shark fins are great, and who can look past those teeth? I think Converse is very clever here, for taking the rubber strip that goes around the toe end, and marking it with a zig-zag line to resemble a shark’s jagged, toothy snout. But you know, every kid should be wearing these now, because it’s SHARK WEEK!




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