Wheat Penny Turns 101

2 08 2010

This Day in History:

Today, waaaay back in 1909, (and according to the Express paper) the original Lincoln “wheat” went into circulation, replacing the “Indian Head” cent. Today is the Wheat Penny’s 101st birthday.

To many of you, celebrating the birthday of an unused one-cent piece might be boring or insignificant, but to me, it means a lot. For one, the first radio show I had with my friend Matt back in college was called, “Wheat Penny!” (The Exclamation Point was a necessary part of the title, FYI.) The Wheat Penny is also, just plain cool. Like the Drummer Boy quarter, it’s one of those coins that when you find in your change, is a welcoming surprise.

Wikipedia brings us some background history of this unique coin, with this juicy little tidbit like, “an occasional Wheat [penny] is still sometimes found in circulation, with a ratio of approximately 1 to 390.” Neat-o. The Wheat Penny was in circulation until 1958. Then, in 1959, “the wheat stalks on the reverse of the coin were replaced with a rendering of the Lincoln Memorial by artist, Frank Gasparro. (This was to commenorate the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.)”




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6 08 2010
The New 2010 Penny « C.A.P.S.love.

[…] of the proposed designs, featured a bundle of bound wheat stalks, which reminded me of the older, Wheat Penny design. Apparently I was not the only one to take a liking to this design, as the Commission of […]

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