This Stuff Ain’t Mine

30 07 2010


It’s Friday everyone, and do you know what that means? It’s time to lose your mind and forget all about reading and writing anything that will make much sense. No, I kid you. I always write things that make sense. It’s just that they may be more funny or less creative on Fridays, but that does not mean my Friday blog posts are any less entertaining. On the contrary, this usually means Friday blog-writing means more entertaining posts! But enough of this jabber. Let’s get down to business.

First off are a couple of pictures I have stolen discovered from a few of my friends’ Facebook profiles. They are both super adorable (awwwwwwwwww):

original caption: Someone is very pleased with herself.

original caption: Smile if you hate this.

Next up is some music. I’ve got your visual sense covered, so why not I help to please your auditory senses. Ready? Ok. The friend I took the last photo from is in a two person Hip Hop group. They are called, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Now, as you and I both know, I won’t just plug any old person’s music group in my blog. They’ve got to be darn tootin’ good. (So check out that link for their music. My two favorite songs are “Bring The Funk” and “Stop, Drop, Roll,” although all of their songs are super great.) And yes, I added their site to my Blogroll on the right, so don’t you worry about losing this link.

Let’s proceed. My buddy can be seen in this fantastic music video in which they take one of their existing songs called, “Bring The Funk” and change it around to accommodate the advertising awesomeness for the product, Orabrush. (My friend is Big Spoon, FYI.)

For another link to some more fun times with Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, you can be “in the know” and find them on their Facebook page here. Also, just so you know, this dynamic duo is (unfortunately) based in Utah, so the chances they will grace the fantastic city of D.C. with a performance is not so likely. I guess we will all have to purchase their CD in the meanwhile…

Anyways. It’s Friday and I’m done. I’m off to the beach! Have a good one.




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6 10 2010
Awesome New Video «

[…] hop group called, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. I introduced y’all to their ultra-catchy Orabrush music video which garnered much deserved attention in YouTube world. My friend, Big Spoon and his accomplice, […]

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