Missing Person Part 2!

29 07 2010

About a year ago, on July 2nd, I posted in my blog about a very distinctive person I had seen on the Metro. For a reference, check it out here. The girl looked younger than me and was very, very thin. She was riding the Metro’s Red Line last year when I spotted her. I think she may have gotten off at the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/National Zoo stop.

So why do I bring her up again? Well, OMG I saw her again yesterday! I was baffled. Now, there are some people who while strangers, you see them once in a while or pretty often on the Metro. But this girl, while very memorable looking, I never expected to see her again (though I did wish I would). I saw this girl yesterday as I was leaving the Metro Center metro station. She was entering while I was leaving, and I thought about snapping her picture, unknowingly, but I wasn’t able to get my camera or phone out in time. The time was 6:30PM exactly. It was at the 11&G entrance. I guess for reference, a good visual description of this girl would be that she looks like a mix of half Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith) and half of the Muppet, Janice.

Steven Tyler

The Muppet, Janice

So now I’m considering actually seeking out this person. Maybe it was a recent post I wrote, that is inspiring me. I’m considering creating a “Missed Connection” post on Craigslist. I even printed out little flyers of the below image that I could pass out to people, though I’m not sure I want my search to be that active. I don’t even know what I would say when and if I were to meet this person again, however. I think, really I just want to take this girl’s picture. I know that sounds borderline creepy, but she just has the most interesting and apparently unforgettable face I have ever seen… in my life!

Anyways, maybe this blog post will grab somebody’s attention who knows this subject of my interest. Or, do you know her? Are you her? Wow, that would really be awesome if I could find this person. Seriously, the less creepy I could be about this, the better. I just think it’s amusing how the last time I saw her was July of last year. Maybe she only surfaces to me every July? Who knows. Anyways, below is the best image I could conjure up of her:




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20 12 2010
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